We specialise in socially impactful films. Films that evoke discussion, motivate an audience and inspire others.  Live Differently Productions currently have over 15 major long-form productions in development or production. 

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Live Differently is a feature length documentary featuring remarkable stories of people who have chosen to lead a life of their own design.

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‘Ride like an Anzac’ is a 27 minute film inspired by the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba in 2017.

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‘Disrupted’ is a 27-minute documentary highlighting Australia’s drive to change and broaden its own unique agile, disruptive and innovative identity.

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‘Behind The Artist’ documents the emerging story of Australian songwriter Taylor Saul who has been writing passionately from the age of 13 and has moved to America recently to pursue her dreams.

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‘Never Forget’ – A March of the Living Story’ documents the 3-kilometre walk from Auschwitz 1 to Birkenau, and is a tribute to all victims of the Holocaust, their memories and their legacies. 

In Production 2021 - 2022

Picture of Barbara Weir

Stories Of My People

Barbara Weir was born in the early 1940s at Bundy River Station in the region of Utopia, north east of Alice Springs; her mother the late Minnie Pwerle, renowned Utopia and Australian artist, and her father an Irish station owner Jack Weir.

Brittany Bloomer Host of Furry Tales

Furry Tales

Over 200,000 happy & healthy pets are euthanised per year in Australia. Furry Tales recognises the need for pets & humans to link up, to not only help the welfare of humans, but provide a solution to the mass amount of pets ending up on death row per year.

Live Differently on Location filming 'One in Six'

One In Six

‘One in Six’ documents Janine and Shimon Davidowitz emotional journey through IVF. Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples throughout Australia. 

Live Differently It takes a Village Film

It Takes A Village

The remarkable story of Genna Radnan who went to Kenya in her Gap Year, and based on the need she saw there, began a charity for Kenyan women that has profoundly affected the lives of hundreds of women and children.

Before their time me

Gone Too Soon

‘Gone Too Soon’ is a poignant and moving documentary that explores the aftermath of losing a child, and the ensuing search for new light when your world has been left in darkness. 

Olgo Horak Animation

After Rain, Comes Sunshine

Olga Horak is a Czechoslovakian-born Australian author and Holocaust survivor. Born in 1926 in Bratislava  she was transported by the Nazis to Auschwitz in 1944 and later, in early January 1945, aged 17, to Bergen-Belsen. 

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